Things I want discussions about

  • Sexuality in Space
  • Gender in Space
  • Religion in Space
  • Dating in Space
  • Fine Cuisine in Space
  • Starship Military Tactics in Space
  • Who gets to decide which end of the space station is pointing “up” and which side is pointing “down”?

"Uhhh, Bob? You do know you’re flying this ship backwards, right?"

"Fuck you, there’s no backwards in space."






I present, a microbiologist magical girl! Or a microbe magical girl, whichever you prefer i guess, with guest stars from Moyashimon Microbes!

This was a commission from a really cool MCB grad student, and i was more than happy to work on it because it combines so many many many of my favorite things :D I was basically given more or less free reign with some input on the science side of things, so cookies to people who see all the little references in the picture to microbiology and lab work :3 I may do a rework of this with generic microbes and not moyashimon ones to bring to otakon and awa as a print, but we’ll see in a week or two. 

I wanted to post this earlier but a giant headache basically pooped on the last 8 hours of my life v_v

I ship her with Yuuki Kei so hard who is a goth magical girl